Reactor Analyses Team

The team applies advanced computational methods to perform safety analyses of modern nuclear power plants.


The MANHAZ Excellence Centre

Management of hazards to health and environment.

Various hazards are analysed and various models of environmental hazard management systems are worked out.


Network and Security Team


Topics researched by the team include various topics related to security in IT networks.


Complex Systems Team

Complex Systems Team


Fields researched by the team include game theory, graph theory, Bayesian networks, multi-agent modelling, thermodynamics. Applications in power distribution grid planning, economy, and economic/social sciences are also pursued.





Free electron laser - POLFEL project in Nuclear Centre for Nuclear Research Świerk.


CIS 500

CIŚ-500 program


The CIS-500 special offer has been prepared by NCBJ Świerk Computer Centre (SCC) for all alumni of the "Top 500 Innovators" programme of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. SCC supercomputer will be made available to this elitist group of scientists since SCC mission is to conduct R&D also in fields other than power industry.