Computational resources

Currently, we provide our users with 11680 computing cores, 47872 GB (47,8 TB) RAM and disk space of more than 1,5 PB. The theoretical performance of this configuration is 163 TFLOPS.

See a detailed description of the current configuration of the production system

At the same time, for the needs of the experiments conducted at the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN, we provide 320 computing cores, 1280 GB RAM and more than 236 TB of disk space.

See a detailed description of the resources provided within the framework of grid Worldwide LHC Computing Grid

All using our resources, we provide a fast and redundant Internet access. The connection to the external network is carried out by two independent circuits with capacity 2 gigabits per second (if necessary, these parameters may be substantially increased).

Computing resources available to users are systematically expanded as new parties of equipment are delivered. Even distribution of purchases will not only enable the optimal use of financial resources in relation to the needs of users, but also provide opportunity to build the infrastructure basing on the latest solutions available on the market at the time.

The computer cluster being built in the project - eventually about 20 thousand computing cores, 100 TB of RAM and 3,000 TB of disk space - will be one of the five largest of this type in Poland and one of the most powerful supercomputers dedicated to the nuclear power industry in the world.