The NURESAFE project

The NURESAFE project addresses engineering aspects of nuclear safety, especially those relative to design basis accidents (DBA). As a continuation of FP6 NURESIM project, NURESAFE with its 22 contributors from Europe addresses safety of light water reactors. The goal is to deliver to European stakeholders a reliable software for Best Estimate Safety Analysis needs and to develop a high level of expertise in the proper use of them. The main outcome will be the delievery of multiphysics and multiscale fully integrated applications.


NCBJ's role is to investigate work done in previous projects (NURISP, NURESIM) in the field of film flow measurement as base for expanding this research into dryout models and dryout heat transfer.

All work will be performed and implemented in the CATHARE system code. Cathare's models will be verified against series of experiments performed at KTH (Stockholm, Sweden) and cross checked with CFD simulations.

People involved in the project: Michał SpirzewskiTomasz Machtyl