High Performance Computing Solution & Services

Projektowanie instalacji HPC oraz infrastruktury IT

Features of our HPC computing system:

  • high CPU power density (as much as 50 kW in each server rack);
  • high energy efficiency (PUE equal to 1.02);
  • low operating costs (we use only 20% of energy that would be necessary in an equivalent air-cooled system);
  • high efficiency (up to 85% of the rated theoretical efficiency);
  • reliability (no compressors, redundant loops, a possibility to disconnect individual components without any risk of cooling liquid leakage);
  • operational safety (power supply with two independent service lines, efficient uninterruptable power supplies, separate Diesel generator, protection against electromagnetic radiation leakage ,  protection against covert surveillance via power supply lines, VPN-only access, login based on a central authentication mechanism).

Given the experience acquired by our systems development and operation, we offer consulting services in establishing High Performance Computing clusters. We also assist in developing efficient and reliable IT infrastructure, in optimization of complex parallel applications and in improving complicated software codes execution efficiency.