Technical and security analysis for nuclear energetics

Analizy bezpieczeństwa i eksploatacyjne dla energetyki jądrowej

Our competences, available tools and skills in developing specialized (proprietary) software allow us to offer analyses of heat systems in nuclear power plants equipped with III, III+ or IV generation reactors. In particular we offer:

  • assistance in working out safety analysis reports and obtaining suitable licences, safety assessments, accident analyses (using conservative methods or best estimate with uncertainty analysis);
  • thermal-hydraulic analyses in operational states and design basis accidents (calculations based on 1D or 3D simulations of processes taking place inside nuclear facilities including power reactors, research reactors, experimental set-ups, others);
  • analyses of failures within extended design scope and analyses of severe accidents potentially leading to significant damage of nuclear fuel (assessment of potential releases of radioactive substances from power reactors or spent fuel storages);
  • optimization of heat exchange-related and fluid mechanics-related topics in technological processes;
  • dedicated training on nuclear power basics, nuclear power technologies, nuclear reactor safety assessment, using system analysis codes (RELAP5, CATHARE), using severe accident analysis codes (MELCOR, ASTEC).