Chemical and radiological hazards monitoring

Monitorowanie zagrożeń radiologicznych i chemicznych

Using some high-fidelity computational models and highly-efficient processing techniques we can work out and deliver:

  • expertizes and analyses on impact of industrial plants/other forms of human activities on natural environment;
  • comprehensive analyses of risks and hazards associated with an industrial plant;
  • analyses of hazard of severe accidents following location of an increased-risk industrial plant at any given site;
  • analyses of protection of critical infrastructure against malicious actions (e.g. terrorist attacks);
  • analyses of protection of industrial facilities against explosions;
  • computer-assisted crisis-management systems (applicable e.g. in emergencies after releases of dangerous chemicals or radionuclides);
  • real-time early warning systems against severe accidents;
  • tools to manage risks associated with transport of hazardous substances via roads, railways and/or pipelines;
  • systems to assess hazard and level of risk generated by waste repositories, waste incineration/reprocessing facilities;
  • analyses of risk of fire in industrial facilities, possible fire scenarios, prognosis of fire consequences.