Big data processing and analysis

Przetwarzanie i analiza wielkich zbiorów danych

Our unique tools applicable in analyses of complex systems are based on  state-of-the-art computational and statistical methods. Large, dynamic and complex datasets are processed in such analyses. Our competences in that field include:

  • application of  advanced, statistical (e.g. clustering, anomaly detection) algorithms and/or advanced Bayesian methods for analyses and modelling of complex systems;
  • graphical visualisation of phenomena occurring in complex datasets (such visualisation makes possible to easily and quickly identify the most important features and/or trends);
  • know-how regarding development big data clusters adopted to process in real-time large datasets using the Hadoop/Spark technologies;
  • experience in installing, setting up and optimizing Hadoop/Spark systems (Cloudera CDH and Hortonworks HDP);
  • image processing/analysis methodology (fully scalable systems developed by us make possible to identify pre-set patterns, lack of pre-set patterns or anomalies in fast streams of images).