The project

Centrum Informatyczne Świerk - budynek

Świerk Computing Centre (CIŚ) is an answer to dynamically growing demand for IT solutions needed by the power industry sector, both conventional and nuclear. Especially the latter is developing in Poland at a fast pace. The sector needs modern, intelligent and effective IT solutions to quickly and securely compute large amounts of data.

In nuclear power industry efficient computer clusters may find plenty of applications in such fields as monitoring and simulating radiation hazards, crisis management, design & optimization of power plant equipment, planning of power distribution grids etc.

Capabilities to efficiently and securely compute strategically important data are also in demand by government agencies, R&D institutions, commercial enterprises involved in conventional production and/or distribution of power.

The CIŚ Centre is situated at the premises of National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) in Świerk near Warsaw. That localization is a big asset of our project. Firstly, the Centre is a highly secure place for our infrastructure, and secondly such localization facilitates everyday contact with teams of scientists of the highest world class and gives an opportunity to use rich NCBJ lab & workshop infrastructure, including the sole in Poland research nuclear reactor.