Design and analysis of the reliability of industrial installations

Projektowanie i analizy niezawodności instalacji przemysłowych

Computational Fluid Dynamics advanced tools enable us to carry out precise analyses of heat transfer in various key components of industrial facilities. Such analyses help to identify anomalies that may lead to failures, to identify the weakest points of complex technical systems, and to determine safe operation margins. Our competences in that field include:

  • design and verification of newly designed components with suggestions concerning their shapes and constructional materials;
  • testing/optimizing system operation;
  • support in matching the best fluids (working media, i.e. liquids and gases) to the system;
  • investigation of evolution of physical phenomena in various time and spatial scales;
  • precise modelling of components focusing on the main issue excluding all external factors (making sure that nothing is influencing final result and there is no need to repeat the experiment as it is obvious even in the tightest lab conditions, where the external influence is always difficult to assess);
  • investigation of extreme conditions of system operation;
  • non-destructive testing of system components exposed to damage or destruction;
  • optimization of geometry of individual system components;
  • reliability analyses of complex systems by defining parametric area of safe facility operation.