Applications and services

Aplikacje i usługi

Unique, advanced software at our disposal helps us to fully employ computing resources available in Świerk Computing Centre to perform various tasks, including:

  • to effectively monitor radiation/chemical hazards and to model transport/dispersion of pollutants though the atmosphere by means of intricate 3D simulations of air flowing through city street canyons, between buildings, along tunnels, and/or inside building structures;
  • to work out air quality management systems capable to issue sufficiently early warnings against possible exceeding of maximum acceptable limits of pollutants in air and to elaborate action plans for such circumstances;
  • to analyse various strategies of emission of pollutants to atmosphere created to keep air pollution below standards specified in the regulations in force;
  • to optimize distribution of electric power though complex transmissions grids;
  • to design nuclear power plants;
  • to supervise operation of nuclear power plants in Poland, including check-ups of technical state of the plants, in particular verification of static and dynamic operational characteristics of reactor cores and behaviour of the cores during operational incidents;
  • to calculate spatial distributions of doses deposited in various media by electromagnetic/particle radiation beams (for medicine and radiation protection needs);
  • to simulate/analyse high-energy physics data;
  • to simulate/analyse nuclear physics data;
  • to simulate/analyse astrophysics data.

Nazwa Wersje Liczba licencji / uwagi Więcej informacji
apollo 2.8    
aster 11.4   Link do Wiki
cfx 14.0.8 Produkt firmy Ansys Link do Wiki
corsika 740   Link do Wiki
cpmd 3.15.3    
cronos 210    
egsnrc 4_2.4.0   Link do Wiki
flair 1.2 Nakładka na program Fluka Link do Wiki
fluent 14.0.8 Produkt firmy Ansys Link do Wiki
fluka 2011.2   Link do Wiki
gamess 2011    
gate 6.2   Link do Wiki
geant4 4.9.6    
mathematica 8.0    
matlab R2012A    
maxima 5.27.0    
nek5000 1010    
neptune 2.0.1    
niftyrec 1.6.7    
openfoam 2.1.1    
pflotran 170113   Link do Wiki
R 2.15.1    
root 5.34   Link do Wiki
salome 7.2.0    
saturne 3.0.3   Link do Wiki
syrthes 4.1.1   Link do Wiki
triou 1.6.4    
tripoli 7.0    

Nazwa Wersje Liczba licencji / uwagi Więcej informacji
acml 5.1.0    
amd-tools 0.1    
autoconf 2.69   Link do Wiki
automake 1.14   Link do Wiki
binutils 2.22    
blas 3.5.0   Link do Wiki
cairo 1.8.2    
cblas 20110419    
cernlib 2006    
cgns 3.1.4    
cln 1.3.3   Link do Wiki
cmake 2.8.6    
cplex 12.6    
cuda 5.0.35    
ecl 12.5.1    
expat 2.1.0    
fftw 3.3.3    
gcc 4.8.2, 4.6.3, 4.4.6, 4.3.2   Link do Wiki
ginac 1.6.2   Link do Wiki
grace 5.1.22    
lapack 3.5.0   Link do Wiki
lesstif 0.95.2    
libpng 1.5.14    
m4 1.4.17   Link do Wiki
med 3.0.6    
mercurial 2.7.2   Link do Wiki
mpich2 1.5    
mvapich2 1.9a    
ncl 6.1.2    
netcdf 4.3.0    
netperf 2.5.0    
nmon 14    
openmpi 1.7.4    
openscientist 16.11.6    
petsc 160113   Link do Wiki
pgi 12.8    
pixman 0.30.0    
ple 1.0.3    
pyqt 4.10.3   Link do Wiki
python 2.7.5   Link do Wiki
python-analysis 1.3   Link do Wiki
python-astro 1.0   Link do Wiki
python-mpi4py 1.3   Link do Wiki
python-tools 1.6   Link do Wiki
python-virtualenv 1.11   Link do Wiki
qt 4.8.3    
scons 2.2.0    
scotch 6.0.0   Link do Wiki
sprng 4.0    
swig 2.0.11   Link do Wiki
trilinos 11.4.3    
unison 2.32.52    
unuran 1.8.1   Link do Wiki
vim 7.3    
wine 1.6