CIŚ-500 program

The CIS-500 special offer has been prepared by NCBJ Świerk Computer Centre (SCC) for all alumni of the "Top 500 Innovators: Science Management & Commercialization" programme of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. SCC supercomputer will be made available to this elitist group of scientists since SCC mission is to conduct R&D also in fields other than power industry.

Professor Wojciech Wiślicki, SCC Head, will be the CIŚ-500 programme scientific tutor. Each alumnus/alumna of the Top 500 Innovators programme may contact him to get an opportunity to use Świerk computational infrastructure in his/her scientific work.

An agreement in the matter of scientific cooperation reached between NCBJ and home institution of the given alumna is a pre-condition for participation in the programme. Capability to use free-of-charge the HPC computer cluster to carry out computations/simulations, as well as support in all technical matters related to using the supercomputer will be NCBJ's contribution to the cooperation. The idea and the research itself will be the contribution of the given participant and his/her home institution.  NCBJ's contribution must be acknowledged in scientific papers concluding the conducted research.

Two steps are necessary to join the programme. First, an alumnus/alumna of the "Top 500 Innovators" programme submits an on-line application, in which goals and scope of the proposed research are described. Some tentative estimation of the necessary computational resources and project duration are also required. The application must be endorsed by an independent researcher from the applicant's home institution. NCBJ will evaluate the application mainly from the technical feasibility point of view, clarity of description of the to-be-reached objectives, and the way the research is to be carried out. Secondly, an agreement in the matter of scientific cooperation concerning the specified research topics is signed by NCBJ and home institution of the would-be participant. Only then the alumnus/alumna of the "Top 500 Innovators" programme becomes entitled to open an account in the SCC system, to get all necessary access privileges etc.

The CIŚ-500 programme will be run in the above formula for one year (till the end of October 2015). We are planning to continue it also afterwards, however terms of participation (especially the free-of-charge access) are subject to change. There is no deadline for applications, but NCBJ reserves the right to stop recruitment at any moment. In particular no further applications will be accepted if the response to the offer will be so large that all available computational resources will become busy. However, we guarantee that all started projects will be continued.

Brief report from the research conducted within framework of the CIŚ-500 programme and summary of the obtained results will be published at the SCC website. We also plan to organize a scientific conference as a forum to present the most interesting works, to discuss opportunities of their applications in national economy, and/or to identify directions of further developments (research enhancement).

Contact Mr. Michał Findeisen, team tutor, in all administrative matters, in particular those concerning starting the cooperation.
Phone     (++48) 22 273 13 22

Each alumnus/alumna of the "Top 500 Innovators" programme is kindly invited to use computational resources of the Świerk Computer Centre in his/her research. Access to the infrastructure if offered free-of-charge.