Complex Systems Team

Complex Systems Modeling Team at Świerk Computing Centre, National Centre for Nuclear Research


Research focus: 

CST is based on the multidisciplinary personnel involved in high performance computing and research in the relevant application fields in complex systems, especially concerning energy distribution, and in econo- and social sciences. We conduct research in game theory, graph theory, Bayesian networks, multi-agent modeling, non-extensive thermodynamics, mutual relations between various types of markets, to name just a few. Recently very active investigations have been performed in minority games and their economic applications as well as in social modelling. Earlier, for choice models on graphs, thermodynamics‐based model was developed in cooperation of the University of Warsaw with Boeing Commercial Aircrafts, Inc., for description of air traffic networks.
Currently, the main activity of CST group members concerns applied research in the field of electric power systems and energy markets. The whole energy market of Europe is under an intensive process of transformation. The main drivers for change are integration of markets and growing use of renewable generation. Currently, the most popular market structures are uniform, nodal, and zonal pricing. Hitherto, the explicit type of the future pan-European energy market remains an open question as the Third Energy Package, especially regulations 713/2009, 714/2009 and directive 2009/72/WE, does not specify it precisely. We deliver tools and services that optimize and assess the quality of market structures. We do this in close cooperation with commercial partners like PSE S.A. and ENTSO-E, to name just a few. Among others the competences of the group include detailed security analysis of the electrical grid, which is crucial for the assessment of the impact of climatic conditions on the security of supply. Members of the group have more than 40 published scientific papers, some of which were awarded on international conferences. They took part in several research and infrastructure projects (national and international).
Complex Systems Team operates within the framework of Computing Centre (CIS), which is an answer to dynamically growing demand for IT solutions needed by the power industry sector, both conventional and nuclear. The Centre provides intelligent and effective IT solutions to quickly and securely compute large amounts of data. The computational power of CIS infrastructure is currently the biggest in Poland. In nuclear power industry, efficient computer clusters may find plenty of applications in such fields as monitoring and simulating radiation hazards, crisis management, design & optimization of power plant equipment, planning of power distribution grids etc. Capabilities to efficiently and securely compute strategically important data are also in demand by government agencies, R&D institutions, commercial enterprises involved in conventional production and/or distribution of power. The group collaborates with numerous institutions in Poland, EU and USA, and international organizations (CERN, IAEA, XFEL).

Members: Karol Wawrzyniak, Roman Korab, Marcin Blachnik, Szymon Kitowski, Michał Kłos, Marcin Jakubek, Ania Kadłubowska. 



National Centre for Nuclear Research, Karol Wawrzyniak Ph.D.,  
Address: Andrzeja Sołtana 7, 05-400 Otwock-Świerk, Poland
Phone: +48 22 553 22 40/ +48 22 273 13 23
E-mail: karol.wawrzyniak[AT]

Selected relevant publications:

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Selected EU Projects:

Wiślicki, W. (collaboration), Pl‐grid, CROSS‐GRID, EGEE I/II/III, IntEuGrid